Targeted and Executive Search

Our consultants specialise in Targeted and Retained Executive Search. Simply if you need to find someone, engage someone, check if your “target candidate” is interested in a specific role, we make a difference.

Targeted Search is when:

  • You need to approach candidates directly to see if they are interested in a particular brief.
  • You have not gone to the market and in order to engage the best need a short list of candidates who may not have seen the job advert.
  • You want to gain competitive advantage through hiring talent who ordinarily would not apply directly.
  • Your sourcing strategy or Social media is not working for a specific role or strategic hire.

So what do we do differently?

Well we listen first to understand the brief, purpose of the role and why conventional methods have not worked.

We agree on a job brief, target salary, benefits, timeline and a sourcing Strategy.

We provide you with market feedback and an engaged Shortlist of candidates.

We build talent capabilities in each sector and work with key influencers to gain candidate referrals who ordinarily would not be provided.

We sell your team, brand, vision and ensure the candidate beyond probation is briefed effectively.

We make a difference, contact us today.

Executive Retained Search

Employers use a Retained Search solution often when they need to:

·       Keep a role confidential, commercial sensitive in the market.

·       Ensure they have gone out to the market than reliant up advertising responses.

·       You need us to sell the brief, brand and ensure a consistent message is given to each candidate.

·       A role is Competitive Advantage such as a new development or emerging project.

·       Get a good cultural fit with existing management and ensure compliance.

·       Your return on investment is managed effective beyond onboarding.

Executive Search works best when an approved brief has been signed off and an organisation chart provided.

A sourcing strategy and Target market has been defined to meet the job purpose and objectives.

It is invoiced in 3 payments:

1.       Upon acceptance of the job brief, salary by both parties. A third of the total invoice is then sent based on the annual salary package fee percentage.

2.       Upon selection for candidate interview. Written notification of shortlisted candidate to interview for that specific role the second invoice for part of the fee is applicable.

3.       Upon written acceptance by the candidate for the role they have been put forward for, the remainder of the fee is applicable.

We only disclose who the client is upon receipt of a suitable resume.

We go out to meet candidates for their convenience at their preferred location and understand their motivations.

Give us a go, we will add competitive advantage through people and market feedback.