May 11th 2016

News just in...

We have on offer, a true salesman with a primal instinct to build relationships, assessing client requirements to seal the deal. A specialist in creating ongoing solutions based product sales complete with planned pipelined expansion sales, there’s nothing that gets in the ways of this professional attaining KPI’s and reaching unbelievable sales. 

To find more about this professional and others follow the link or contact our office on 03 9663 0000


May 11th 2016

It’s spotlight time again, here’s our first pick of the week.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and mindset this professional specialises in acquisitions and takeovers, in transactional finance structuring, cash flow forecasting and modelling and ERP application.

If your financials need reworking please contact us immediately as this one will not last long.


May 7th 2016

Our Queensland Delight is ripe and ready for picking.

Snr HSE Advisor with a bag full of experience in Construction,Civil, Mining and Roads.

With his contract focused on FIFO work quickly coming to an end, now is the time to strike and secure the talent to see your next project through.

Don't let your project spiral out of control.  Contact us today to secure this truly talented professional.


May 2nd 2016

It’s a new month and exclusivity is the key

A month full of new opportunities and boundless growth is predicted as each week we’ll showcase our top 3 new professionals exclusively represented by us, just for you.

Keep your competitors guessing and have first choice of our professionals before they hit the Melbourne market.  

To kick things off here’s our first pick for the week;

Still dreaming of that holiday or short break away? With Kait, you’ll be dreaming no more, truly a professional dream come true. Kait comes complete with;

  • Accounts, payroll, leave entitlements, employee rostering, invoicing creditors and debtors, receipting, balance sheets and BAS statements.

  • Office Management, client supplier and stakeholder liaison, database development maintenance and management, stock and inventory ordering control and auditing, diary management and scheduling daily run sheets, social media content development and providing ongoing updated maintenance on social media platforms.

  • Customer Service, managing customer enquiries and complaints, meeting and greeting customers, prospecting and qualifying new clients.

Regain control of your recruitment and contact us today.


April 21st 2016

Two for the price of one

Whichever side of the fence you’re on, employee or employer, it’s getting harder and harder to find the right fit.

Employers want to see more experience, more dedication in hours and output and they want it for a rock bottom price.  Employees want less hours, a lighter workload and more flexibility.  Either way these two side couldn’t be further apart – Or is this just an optical illusion?

We think not………. Our clients have been realising the benefits of 2 for the price of 1, the advantages of hiring 2 for the 1 role. Yes that’s right 2 professionals for 1 job.

Welcome to the opportunities that is Job Share.  For us and our clients it makes perfect sense.  The employers (our client’s) receive not 1 but 2 highly skilled, very experienced professionals. Both brining their own unique added value qualities that not only complement the other but provides our employers with the knowledge and existing personalised networks of 2 of which to leverage.  Not to mention, when one is off work the other can pick-up the slack, eliminating the need for temps and contractors. Effectively eradicating loss productivity.

In return the employee has the benefit of a family friendly work/life balance, the freedom to specialise in their area of expertise and the flexibility to take on increased hours for leave cover and alike.


For us and our clients it’s proven to be a win-win. 


April 15th 2016

Reputation alone won’t get you anywhere. 

It’s a minefield out there.  Between the wheeling and dealing, refresher training workshops, award nights, networking events and sponsor deals – I’m surprised there’s any time left!

But there is and we all know it. Whether you’re fresh out of uni looking for your fist break or part way through your climb of that almighty corporate ladder the basics and fundamentals are still the same. Shaking hands, remembering names and networking both online and socially is still the way to go.

BUT – yes there’s always a but!

Be Smart, Be Careful, Be Clever, Be Bold – once it’s out there you can’t take it back. We all apply online, network online and research online. But we forget, so to do our future manager’s, bosses and employers. 

So next time think twice before pressing send, publish, post or tweet ask yourself ‘Does this do me justice?’, “Would I hire me?’ if the answers no then the delete button has just become your new best friend.


April 8th 2016

Identifiers Towards a Strong Short List

HR Managers across Australia are over loaded with phantom, severely lacking, seriously bogus applications.  Ploughing through the avalanche requires strength, perseverance and a whole lot of coffee.

Speed through your impending avalanche with these carefully crafted identifiers designed specifically to cut through the rot and derive at a short list worth considering.

Online Presence:- A few strokes on your keyboard and you could be trolling through your applicants personal and professional footprint.  Is what you see worthy of your professional presence?

Professional Endorsements:- How critiqued, repeated, outrageously impressive or professionally structured and career appropriate are they?

Serious Applicants Over Mass Production:- Quite simply, if an application letter or selection criteria are required, how serious or slap happy is the applicant who fails to comply?

Detailed Compliance Upon Application:- Like your corporate website which maximizes on SEO searches, so too should your received applications. A quick SEO search on received applications will deliver those submissions carefully constructed to answering your call.

Professionals from Foes:- Consider your findings.  How do the results of the above come together as a feasible complete picture? If at this stage you’re not seeing alien-like tendencies, it’s safe to say you’ve finalised your short list.


April 1st 2016

Finding A Needle In A Hay Stack

Sure things might be looking up, employers are more confident and taking back control of their in-house functions.  Employees are testing the waters, seeing how green the grass is on the other side.

But what does this actually mean long term?

For employers it means loss productivity, stressed employees and a less than motivating work environment, which can translate to big $$$$ down the drain.

For HR Managers and their teams it means stress, overloaded workload, endless screening, meetings, and interviewing, referencing and final acceptance negotiation.  And that’s before your new employee sets foot in the door.

For applicants it means long delays, dozens of ‘pre-screen’ phone calls at inopportune times.  It means skipping lunch, leaving early or arriving late so you can attend interviews before waiting again.  If you’re part of the lucky few, there are more interviews which again means interruptions for you and your current employer.  If you’re not so lucky it means back to the drawing board and yet just another dismal confidence crushing “No”.   But don’t worry, you get to go back to your desk, brush yourself off and can once again start focusing on your current position.

Employers, why have your HR team overloaded and highly strung? Why risk having your employees more focused on their next career move?

Herein lies the benefit of working together in partnership with an agency.  Agencies will work with your HR team, and serves only to complement the exceptional service internal HR teams already provide to their employers.  

Agencies services are not a slap happy approach towards bums on seat. Rather, a tailored service preforming the functionalities of talent acquisition and generalised recruitment your HR team needs.

Agencies compliment not destroy or disrupt, they can provide such specialised service because they aren’t hemmed down with other HR functions.  Their focus is quite simple really, Talent.  They maintain database after database of suitably talented people who could provide the experience and expertise that employers need, and what’s more they are willing to share their extensive databases with employers. 


March 31st 2016

Personal Branding versus the traditional resume

Long gone are the days when we agonised over our resume, spending hours on hours regurgitating all that we have accomplished. Also gone are our lists of referees or that one liner that even I used ‘References can be provided upon request’.

In its place is Online Branding or as some would say Personal Branding.  In our new and ever adapting wave of technology we have fallen prey to social networking. Like it or not, we must adapt if we are to stay viable and that means going online. Yes, we need to tap away joining social networks and actively communicate, comment and share our experiences.

Believe it or not, this new method of job searching is now faster, more accessible and opened than ever before. Employers, agencies and head-hunters are constantly online screening, searching and compiling their ‘hit lists’ of candidates. They are monitoring your online activity, discovering who you are, both professionally and personally all the while gaining a greater understanding of your value add qualities.  Qualities, they can turn into $$$$ for their bottom line.

Endorsements from your peers, clients, past and present employers make up a huge chunk of your personal branding. Think of it like advertising.  You are the product and anyone and everyone who communicates with you are endorsing and recommending you, and vice versa.  They are telling the world ‘I tried this product and highly recommend you give it a go’, and the more endorsements you have, the greater your chances of getting noticed, bringing with it an increased interest in you ‘the product’. The more effort you put into your personal brand the greater your chances of becoming that “must have item” employers and agencies are willing to bid for and purchase, that is ‘employing you’.      

Creating this bidding war comes with a warning.  Once it’s out there on the World Wide Web, it is all near impossible to delete, take down or hide from prying eyes.  A bad judgement with a selfie whilst out partying last night is not going to appeal to a prospective employer. It will only reduce  your chances of creating that ‘on trend buzz’ that sets the scene for high bidders to gather. Sure, you can go out and have a good time, party like there’s no tomorrow, just don’t post it out there for the world to see.

Being tactful is the key.  Reviewing the security and privacy settings on all your social media sites is a MUST.  Thinking before you hit the post, comment, like and endorsement buttons should steer you in the right direction.  When all else fails, follow your instinct, if it doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t.

  • Your personal branding checklist
  1. Keep it professional (whatever your career) having a professionally polished profile will yield you results

  2. Ensure your profile supports your claim to fame.  Be proud of your accomplishments and put them on show for the world to see

  3. Keep updating your list of endorsements, referrals and references.  It’s good practice to ask your clients, workmates or managers to endorse you online whenever possible.

  4. Allow your uniqueness to shine. Display your KPI achievements each month, the once in a lifetime contract deal you just landed or even why you should be next in line for that promotion.

  5. Show your personality. Let the reader know you are not a robot going through the mundane riggers of life, but you are actually a professional person in your own right demanding their attention.

So what are you waiting for? Go forth and prosper, let the world know you have arrived and am ready for anything.  Enjoy creating your own personal brand on social networking sites.  Contribute where you can in chat rooms and online forums.  Start a blog if you are brave enough, and use it to ignite your own online chat sessions inviting others to contribute and share your point of view within their own network.

March 24th 2016

Career Branding – Are you missing out?

Coca Cola, Cadbury, AFL, RSPCA, John West, Bridgestone, Ford, Holden the list goes on. But what do these names and many more have in common? Branding – They represent a brand and their professionals at it.  

We know Coke for their black fizzy ‘open happiness’ drink, Cadbury’s for their dairy milk chocolate, AFL for their on the edge of your seat excitement, John Went ‘knows best’ for their tuna, Bridgestone for their sensational tyre treads and we all know about the Holden Ford rivalry.

We enjoy spending our money on these and many more brands, recruiters and employers alike enjoy recruiting from within these well placed brands, but what exactly are we getting? Are we purchasing just because or to keep up with the Johnson next door, are we recruiting the individual or the brand?

The assumption is made that were buying quality - hell it’s a Nissan what could go wrong? Recruiter and employers alike often hire the individual based on where they are coming from, be it the competition or a well know, well placed  and trusted brand – there’ve worked at KPMG it’s a no brainer, hire.

Now here’s the clincher, who are you, what’s your individual brand saying about you? Take the time to look deep and be honest, for what you seek is merely just the beginning.

Your brand is just beginning, as with the big brands it takes time, commitment and forethought. Coke wasn’t a global phenomenon overnight. It took effort, drive passion and commitment to get where they are today. Let’s face it, we as individuals don’t have the luxury of our own marketing team or an overpriced advertising campaign.  We need to make it on our own, build our brand and formulate our own end game.

It all starts with a fresh new approach on an old aged process. It’s all relevant just not in the usual traditional way.

Get to know the professional you, become friends and present a united front. Make employers take notice of you…….read more


March 21st 2016
Networking Matters

We all know that to get anywhere you need to know people and work hard, but what happens if you’re working hard in the wrong area’s? Absolutely nothing!

These days it’s not enough to jot a few details down and email through your application. Why? Social Media.  The social media ban wagon has been gathering momentum for a while.  It’s now more important to present a professional public profile online than it is to have a traditional resume or application.

Jobs are filled online and at rapped succession. What used to take time compiling candidates, screening, interviewing, referencing and offering (sometimes fighting counter offers) can now be done online quickly and quietly with little interference.

In short, if your personal profile is professional and filled with references/recommendations, you are bound to be noticed and on someone’s hit list. 


March 18th 2016
Ask yourself, would you buy you???

Personal Branding is all about personal promotion, selling your expertise and experience, putting the spotlight on yourself and making it shine.  Yes, you, your expertise, qualifications and experience have now become a product.

But what shelf are you on? What’s your target market? Is your experience and expertise in demand? Are you priced right? These are all contributing factors to consider when beginning your employment campaign.  There’s no more handing your resume in at the local store, asking Bob down the road to put a good word into his mate of a mate, those days are long gone.   It’s all about access, publicity and professionalism, a complete cohesive approach to obtaining the end goal.

And guess what, it’s a buyers’ market and employers are paying. So next time you’re doing the shopping, filling up the car or researching to get a better deal, take time to think about what perspective employers and recruiters find when they’re researching and shopping for their next placement. It could be you.


March 3rd 2016

Personal Branding – The New You
Long gone are the days when we agonised over our resume, spending hours on ends regurgitating all that we have accomplished. In its place is Online Branding or as some would say Personal Branding.  
Personal Branding is the new you, it consists of all your online social networks facebook, YouTube, Pintrest, SnapShot, LinkedIn, Google+ and that’s just a few. More than ever before people are looking, reading and watching what you are doing and how you do it. 
So, spend some time on YOU, critique your online presence, get involved, and provide advice and opinions within your chosen field and start getting noticed.