Migration FAQs

There is a large range of visas available to meet most needs, and we would be pleased to assist you in choosing the right visa for you, if you contact us directly, either by phone or e-mail.
It differentiates according to the nature of the course. Applicants apply by selecting a subclass that suits their particular needs. We have an education agency division that would be pleased to help you to select the right course for your needs.
You need to apply for a further student visa before your current one expires. Please contact our visa consulting team for assistance.
You can apply for Student Guardian visas if your children are aged under 18.
There are multiple programs under which an applicant may obtain permanent residency. Please consult our visa consulting team for the best solution.
It depends on the type of visa. Please contact our visa consulting team for further information.
You can lodge application within 28 days after the visa expires. However, it is unlikely that your application to succeed if your visa expired for more than 28 days.
You should generally apply for visa before your arrival in Australia, although many visa subclasses allow for onshore lodgement if you have an existing valid visa. Our visa consulting team will guide you through a few simple steps.
This varies according to country and the visa you are applying for. Generally applicants from low-risk countries such as Japan, do not now need a medical check if they are applying for a temporary visa.
No, and if you want to become a citizen of Australia, you can still keep your original citizenship, if your country of origin allows for dual citizenship.
There are fundamental differences, for example, an Australian citizen needs not apply for a Resident Return Visa on a regular basis, and Australian citizenship can only be revoked under extreme circumstances.
The Business Skills (Provisional) visa is valid for four years while the Business Talent (Migrant) and the Business Skills (Residence) visas allow permanent stay in Australia.
Applicants should be aged between 18 and 30.
You can study for up to 4 months.
Working Holiday Visa allows holder with unlimited leave and re-enter the country while the visa is valid.
Normally an RRV has to be renewed every 5 years.
You will have to apply for ETA subclass 601, which can be done online, depending on your nationality. Please contact our visa consulting team for further information.
Yes, you may be eligible for a permanent Employer Nomination Scheme visa, if you have been working with your existing sponsor, meet the age and other eligibility requirements, and your sponsor is prepared to support you for a permanent visa.